lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Dorama Watcher Mood: Real Life Jungle

Remember I wrote about Jungle Fish 2 ?
Well, I just ended watching it, remember I wrote I did not get it? Well, it's true, it's hella confusing in the first episodes but in the last 3 you get it all, cry it all out and you get very very angry.

It is indeed a great drama, I will quote someone's comment about last episode:
What made this show different, unique, and ultimately interesting to me is that these students weren't cheating on exams, trying to get out of school to go to parties and waste away life. Instead they were trying to fight for one another in a corrupt school system, thus showing they value their future and their friendship. I don't think I see that too often in other shows, which is why I enjoy these.
That person is 100% right. Since the beggining you see problems about love or school, those problems are both usual and very rare to see. One-sided-love, a suspiciousl relation between a student and a teacher, a girl who wants to be a musician and then she is pregnant so the school tries to kick her out... and some other confusing situations that makes you realize how unfair is the real world and how hard is to try to change things. But in the end it has a great message about friendship and fighting for the right reason.

Finally, I seriously recomend this to you. Really. It's time to change, get a rest from the love and comedy series and watch this.

You can find the dorama at:
Youtube (it has it's own channel named TheJungleFish2)

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Kimi ni Todoke Mood: Love in the Summer Air~

First place the newest thing, chapter 56 of the Kimi ni Todoke manga.
The story right now is the characters on a school trip at the beach.
I just loved it because it was about Chizu, right now she has a boyfriend, but... I had never thought that the fact she have had so many boyfriends is because she has never really loved someone. Well, at least that chapter left that message to me...
In the story Sawako and Shouta are lovely-dovey, and happy ever after, so I suppose Shiina Karuho will focus on the rest of the characters.
See for from right to left [S P O I L E R]

About the anime, well, we know they had some problems because of the earthquake:

Right now they have broadcasted 12 episodes out of the supposed-to-be 13.
I'm just going to say I looooved episode 10: From Now On
In this episode they are starting the school festival, so it means Shouta shouts in the middle of the school 'I like you!' to Kuronuma (^O^)! OMG when I read that at the manga (long time ago) I was so crazy to see the same in motion with full color! It was beautiful~

I am kinda sad this second season was so short...but I kinda understand hence they finally reached each other, so I am very happy too.