sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Manga Reader Mood: Going Crazy, Getting Emotional

Hey there...

I'm quite confused. I mean what's wrong with this Bakura ga Ita manga!? I was reading when they where in high school and then I just see Nana at the university! (Chapter 13 jumps to Chapter 32)

And over all, it just too real to bear with it! I mean, it's about forgetting about a dead girlfriend who was cheating on you, and about teenage boys getting horny and teenage couples making sex so naturally... since NANA I haven't read such a real world plot, it get me on my nerves and even give me goose bumps @__@

Seeing this situations make me want to cry, why all the stories that involve a NANA name are like this? Is that name cursed or something like that!?
This is not a love triangle is like a hexagon or something like that! x__x
Also the characters... they are so interesting, Yuuki Obata really design them so well, specially Yano, I mean I really don't like him as a person (I think he doesn't like himself either) but he is a real life person, those persons who have experiences, who know themselves so well, that knows what they want but hesitate, he is very human...
You must read this manga, if you like NANA you'll like Bakura ga ita.

viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

Anime Watcher Experience: Ending Episodes... One Good, One Bad

First anime blog entry xD
Haha I just like manga more than anime...It's kinda like saying I like more the book than the movie n.n'' isn't it like that?

Soo... I saw Kobato's end some days ago...as always a really cute CLAMP ending.
I have the feeling that this is going to be like Chobits and the ending in the manga is not going to be the same as in the anime hmm :/
Well, CLAMP rocks and I know I'll like it anyways (:

I was really suprised with how they made the story, quite original quite unexpected I have to say the totally got me with it.

Don't know that else to say about it so I'm leaving you some shots of the episode, but go watch it, you'll love it!


Now... my other anime ending: Kimi ni Todoke, yep as you know it ended this past tuesday and I just saw it... it was soooo boring.... for me who read the manga the ending is nothing compared to what is already happening on chapter 40 volume 10... THAT is something!
Of course I enjoyed all the episodes but I guess they'll have to make an OVA, a movie or a second part to show how Kuronuma reaches Kazehaya, isn't that the point: ''Reaching You''?

I think I liked the most that at the ending all the couples-to-be are showed: Sawako and Kazehaya, Yano and Ryu, Chizu and Pin... I was right about Pin and Chizu! mwajaja >D (see
Today's Question)
Well, that's all... Have a nice weekend...