domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Dorama Watcher Mood: Teenagers and Education System...

I'm not sure in what idiom to write this so, english it is.

I am watching two korean dramas right now, Dream High and Jungle Fish 2. Both of them cast some idols from T-ara, 2PM, MBLAQ, miss A, etc... All of them, group idols I like.

My point today is the message they leave, about the cruel and cold world we live in, but still, there are some things that make it warm and beautiful world to live in...

 Jungle Fish 2.

This is an dorama I still don't understand the plot... but it get deep into you specially if you know the idols or have been in similar situations to the ones that the characters go trough...
I feel I'll get to final episode and don't understand it at 100% and more than sure I'll be not happy with the end, but that's when I like a dorama the best, when is an end you didn't expect or didn't want.... maybe that is the reason I was kinda dissappointed of Secret Garden: happy-fairy-tale ending, to adorable....
Respect to the education system topic, have you ever read or hear about Japan being one of the countries with the highes level of suicide, have you read that most of the reasons are the umbereable levels or education and the hard and tough system. Well, Korea is not that far, with this dorama you can see some ugly truth behing the cute and pop Korea everyone knows.
This dorama was hard for me to find a good online source, but in YouTube you can find it by parts.

Dream High

This is the bright side of this post, a really funny story, with some dark backgrounds coming from the characters' past or families...

Is a really well casted dorama, we have some idols like Wooyoung and Teacyeon from 2PM. We have miss A's Suzy and T-ara's Eunjung. Also we have the CEO of JYP Entertainment: Park Jin-young. Oh I forgot, Yonghwa from CNBLUE also has a part in the first episode representing singer 'K'.
I love the couples, and how you are so not-sure who will end up with who >_< You easily fall in love the characters and click with them, even if most of them are not actors, they are doing a nice job n_n
About education in this one, you can see how even when being pushed out, students try their best to succeed even if everything is against it, and of course teachers are a great part in this, helping and supporting them.
I'll leave you the teaser video.
You can see it at MySoju

Hope you get to see these doramas!
They are worth it!
Plus they are not long ;)

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