domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Wallpapers + BLEACH

*cleaning the spiderwebs*
Hi! It's been soooo long.....
I'm on vacations and finally got some time and inspiration to write in here n_n''
I usually upload my wallpapers and random digital designs to my deviantART account... but.... sometimes I make two versions, now I have versions that I want to share >_<
This time:kpop wallpapers.

CL from 2NE1 in I AM THE BEST MV
 IU from some CF photoshoots
Other versions and more wallpapers here:

Now. There is another thing I want to blah blah about.... BLEACH.
Yep. This time I'm not coming with mangas no one knows.
BLEACH is like very famous and you must be hella bored of reading about it but this is my blog and I just read like 350 chapters of the manga in 3 days so I have lots of BLEACH in my blood right now *-*
Don't know how to start but I just love it. I discovered that knowing spanish, english and some japanese helps you to read it faster xD
I like how Ichigo has some confidence problems sometimes and I love how Rukia is his light to get out of those problems <3
I love Tite Kubo and I hate him because you kinda start liking a character and then puff he is gone -Ulquiorra-.
I like Inoue and I don't like her... I don't know...let's wait for some more chapters...
I don't like the anime xD Sorry, I just love reading manga! And the anime has this other characters that came out from nowhere just to fill with more episodes -_-"  Plus there is this ending where Ichigo smiles to Inoue like she is special and I don't like that 'cause he only can smile for Rukia!!!(>_<*) jk but It really annoyed me... Even though I didn't like those filling episodes I like the opening and ending songs so I'm still watching the anime xD

I wanted to blah blah about my favorite characters too :3
BLEACH has so many characters! I LOLed so much with those whose sexual preference was in doubt xD
I love Kubo Tite's way of drawing them in the covers! He couldn't make them sexier, could he? *-*
But also Kubo is kinda crazy with all those body parts ripped off.  I think I saw like more than 20 arms flying away from their bodies ._.
Ichigo is cool in his own way and I would love to have him as my big brother :D
Renji also would make a nice nii-san hehe... but those tattoos + sexy body are better as not a brother but something else 1313 xD
Rukia is just so cool and beautiful in a tiny way xD I like her voice in the anime btw.
Sado's power is soooo cool!
Kira Izuru, he is handsome, it took me some time to realize it and I like the character n_n
Hitsugaya, I liked him since the very start.... but I don't like Hinamori! >_<
Ikkaku, I started liking him in the anime, he looks more handsome there I guess n_n''
I want to see all of Ichigo's friend and family become shinigamis, they have some spiritual power so it is not impossible :D

...who is your favorite BLEACH character?

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