domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Wallpapers + BLEACH

*cleaning the spiderwebs*
Hi! It's been soooo long.....
I'm on vacations and finally got some time and inspiration to write in here n_n''
I usually upload my wallpapers and random digital designs to my deviantART account... but.... sometimes I make two versions, now I have versions that I want to share >_<
This time:kpop wallpapers.

CL from 2NE1 in I AM THE BEST MV
 IU from some CF photoshoots
Other versions and more wallpapers here:

Now. There is another thing I want to blah blah about.... BLEACH.
Yep. This time I'm not coming with mangas no one knows.
BLEACH is like very famous and you must be hella bored of reading about it but this is my blog and I just read like 350 chapters of the manga in 3 days so I have lots of BLEACH in my blood right now *-*
Don't know how to start but I just love it. I discovered that knowing spanish, english and some japanese helps you to read it faster xD
I like how Ichigo has some confidence problems sometimes and I love how Rukia is his light to get out of those problems <3
I love Tite Kubo and I hate him because you kinda start liking a character and then puff he is gone -Ulquiorra-.
I like Inoue and I don't like her... I don't know...let's wait for some more chapters...
I don't like the anime xD Sorry, I just love reading manga! And the anime has this other characters that came out from nowhere just to fill with more episodes -_-"  Plus there is this ending where Ichigo smiles to Inoue like she is special and I don't like that 'cause he only can smile for Rukia!!!(>_<*) jk but It really annoyed me... Even though I didn't like those filling episodes I like the opening and ending songs so I'm still watching the anime xD

I wanted to blah blah about my favorite characters too :3
BLEACH has so many characters! I LOLed so much with those whose sexual preference was in doubt xD
I love Kubo Tite's way of drawing them in the covers! He couldn't make them sexier, could he? *-*
But also Kubo is kinda crazy with all those body parts ripped off.  I think I saw like more than 20 arms flying away from their bodies ._.
Ichigo is cool in his own way and I would love to have him as my big brother :D
Renji also would make a nice nii-san hehe... but those tattoos + sexy body are better as not a brother but something else 1313 xD
Rukia is just so cool and beautiful in a tiny way xD I like her voice in the anime btw.
Sado's power is soooo cool!
Kira Izuru, he is handsome, it took me some time to realize it and I like the character n_n
Hitsugaya, I liked him since the very start.... but I don't like Hinamori! >_<
Ikkaku, I started liking him in the anime, he looks more handsome there I guess n_n''
I want to see all of Ichigo's friend and family become shinigamis, they have some spiritual power so it is not impossible :D

...who is your favorite BLEACH character?

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Dorama Watcher Mood: Real Life Jungle

Remember I wrote about Jungle Fish 2 ?
Well, I just ended watching it, remember I wrote I did not get it? Well, it's true, it's hella confusing in the first episodes but in the last 3 you get it all, cry it all out and you get very very angry.

It is indeed a great drama, I will quote someone's comment about last episode:
What made this show different, unique, and ultimately interesting to me is that these students weren't cheating on exams, trying to get out of school to go to parties and waste away life. Instead they were trying to fight for one another in a corrupt school system, thus showing they value their future and their friendship. I don't think I see that too often in other shows, which is why I enjoy these.
That person is 100% right. Since the beggining you see problems about love or school, those problems are both usual and very rare to see. One-sided-love, a suspiciousl relation between a student and a teacher, a girl who wants to be a musician and then she is pregnant so the school tries to kick her out... and some other confusing situations that makes you realize how unfair is the real world and how hard is to try to change things. But in the end it has a great message about friendship and fighting for the right reason.

Finally, I seriously recomend this to you. Really. It's time to change, get a rest from the love and comedy series and watch this.

You can find the dorama at:
Youtube (it has it's own channel named TheJungleFish2)

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Kimi ni Todoke Mood: Love in the Summer Air~

First place the newest thing, chapter 56 of the Kimi ni Todoke manga.
The story right now is the characters on a school trip at the beach.
I just loved it because it was about Chizu, right now she has a boyfriend, but... I had never thought that the fact she have had so many boyfriends is because she has never really loved someone. Well, at least that chapter left that message to me...
In the story Sawako and Shouta are lovely-dovey, and happy ever after, so I suppose Shiina Karuho will focus on the rest of the characters.
See for from right to left [S P O I L E R]

About the anime, well, we know they had some problems because of the earthquake:

Right now they have broadcasted 12 episodes out of the supposed-to-be 13.
I'm just going to say I looooved episode 10: From Now On
In this episode they are starting the school festival, so it means Shouta shouts in the middle of the school 'I like you!' to Kuronuma (^O^)! OMG when I read that at the manga (long time ago) I was so crazy to see the same in motion with full color! It was beautiful~

I am kinda sad this second season was so short...but I kinda understand hence they finally reached each other, so I am very happy too.

jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Fashionita Mood: Anna Sui Fall 2011 RTW

OK. I already know this is not a fashion blog, but I do love fashion and when I saw this runway I felt the urge of writing about it.

I like Anna Sui, I have to admit I heard from her just some months ago and saw some old runways from her, but indeed I liked a lot what I saw.

Well, lets get to bussiness.

The patterns were beautiful and hypnotizing. The fabrics were mostly light and silky. Colors were strong and catchy.
Originality was far from original.
Maybe it is this internet world that makes feel like I have already seen most of the pieces she showed.
I think I saw some Chanel in the black and white pieces, specially look #25.
In some patterns I saw McQueen in look #49. 
I had the Vivienne Westwood and Comme des Garcons feeling, like in look #48 & #50.
I also think some details are Jeremy Scott alike but I really think that is just my mind playing tricks to me, I've been to into him and his work lately.

Leaving that aside, I just loved all the green stuff in the catwalk! Also, I felt like going back to a girly girl days with the flower patterns and bright colors. 

I'll leave you the link to see the runway.

martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Manga Reader Mood: Roses, Blushes and...


Yes, I spent like 3 hours reading like 18 chapters of a manga: Barajou no Kiss. Kiss of the Rose Princess.
I had recommended it on a spanish post

Since all the mangas I'm reading right now haven't come to new chapters since last year -_- I ended up finishing this one, well, not finishing, just read all the chapters that have been published n_n''

This manga gives me strange feeling, in the sense of liking it or not liking it. I think I definetely like it but hmmm I don't know, maybe is not the best manga ever but it is very entertaining and very very shoujo: kisses, roses, cards, magic, flower petals filling the air, a cute-chibi-bat-like monster, and the most interesting the pentagon of love... four knight and one princess.

I like the fact that there are always new characters appearing, and the situation changes very fast (not to many fills in the story). Changes in the situation and in there characters' feelings.

I you have free time you must indeed read this manga, I LOL a lot btw. ;) And there are this adorable scenes that get your heart beating faster and going aww~, cute~, etc etc...
To convince you a little bit more, I'm leaving images :D

domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Dorama Watcher Mood: Teenagers and Education System...

I'm not sure in what idiom to write this so, english it is.

I am watching two korean dramas right now, Dream High and Jungle Fish 2. Both of them cast some idols from T-ara, 2PM, MBLAQ, miss A, etc... All of them, group idols I like.

My point today is the message they leave, about the cruel and cold world we live in, but still, there are some things that make it warm and beautiful world to live in...

 Jungle Fish 2.

This is an dorama I still don't understand the plot... but it get deep into you specially if you know the idols or have been in similar situations to the ones that the characters go trough...
I feel I'll get to final episode and don't understand it at 100% and more than sure I'll be not happy with the end, but that's when I like a dorama the best, when is an end you didn't expect or didn't want.... maybe that is the reason I was kinda dissappointed of Secret Garden: happy-fairy-tale ending, to adorable....
Respect to the education system topic, have you ever read or hear about Japan being one of the countries with the highes level of suicide, have you read that most of the reasons are the umbereable levels or education and the hard and tough system. Well, Korea is not that far, with this dorama you can see some ugly truth behing the cute and pop Korea everyone knows.
This dorama was hard for me to find a good online source, but in YouTube you can find it by parts.

Dream High

This is the bright side of this post, a really funny story, with some dark backgrounds coming from the characters' past or families...

Is a really well casted dorama, we have some idols like Wooyoung and Teacyeon from 2PM. We have miss A's Suzy and T-ara's Eunjung. Also we have the CEO of JYP Entertainment: Park Jin-young. Oh I forgot, Yonghwa from CNBLUE also has a part in the first episode representing singer 'K'.
I love the couples, and how you are so not-sure who will end up with who >_< You easily fall in love the characters and click with them, even if most of them are not actors, they are doing a nice job n_n
About education in this one, you can see how even when being pushed out, students try their best to succeed even if everything is against it, and of course teachers are a great part in this, helping and supporting them.
I'll leave you the teaser video.
You can see it at MySoju

Hope you get to see these doramas!
They are worth it!
Plus they are not long ;)

sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Anime Watcher Mood: Sentimentalist + Upcoming Holiday Special

This is about Valentine's Day, about Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 1.

Sorry, today, just english.

I just watched the episode, totally follows the manga, so it means, totally made me mad. I remember when I read it, I was just so astonished of Sawako's way of not-acting -_-
I kinda understand her situation, but I believe that is better to regret what you do than regretting what you did not do.
Something all valentines should start thinking about already, were are a month away from this special holiday, so let's start thinking what you want to do that day and what you don't want to regret not doing.

Btw, SPOILER coming: Kento Miura finally appears. He looks hotter than in the manga I think, but he was just like a couple of minutes on the screen so let's wait for more episodes to see him well.


   Now, title says: Holiday Special. Yes, I already mentioned something about Valentine's day, so I wanted to share some nice, cute and maybe handmade ideas for this day. This entry will be very general.

   Now, first, gifts, since it's general I'll make a list and you can choose, if you want to give, one, two or all the things I mention. Just try to think in that special person, all humans are different hence everyone likes different things, try to associate things in the list with that person's clothes, hair, face, personality, anything. 

Read the list, if something makes you think that person will like it, do it, buy it, or I don't know xD

  1. Send flowers in the morning, maybe as early as possible, to that person's house. I don't like roses, since they are soooo common, but some people is very classic and do like them, try white and soft pink roses
  2. When giving flowers do not use plastic in any ways, glass is very good looking but kinda expensive, try something more vintage, maybe something with a ecologic look will be good too, even a cardboard box would look nice if the flowers are well arranged.
  3. Flowers are sometimes too much if you can't control yourself. More than a dozen can look too big, try to think that after a week, flowers are trash :/ So, if you want to give lots and lots of flowers do it in different momments ;D
    - Like number 1, send a tiny set of flowers early in the morning.

    - When is the time to meet and go for lunch or dinner, make the restaurant (or wherever you are going) arrange the table with flowers too.

    - If you are giving a present -an object, like a watch, jewelry, etc- decorate the box or the bag containing the present with flowers too, like this.
  4. When you meet the person, anyplace and anytime, give a flower, the first thing is giving a single flower with some nice wellcoming words.
  5. If you are having lunch, go to some familiar restaurant, nothing too fancy in the day. Coffee shops give a nice mood. Also try to not have a big lunch so you are not so full, being too full makes you lazy for the rest of the day. After the lunch, go for a walk at some wide open space place, parks are great for this. Have a nice talk and in that momment you can give any present you had in mind.
  6. Handmade things? If you want to make something handmade, I prefer useful things like jewelry boxes, book dividers or something like that. You can search for tutorials at Google, more specifically YouTube, eHow, blogs, etc... Since it's a hearts day, I leave you this nice simple tutorial to decorate both gifts and places: Garlands.
  7. Trips are nice, for any holiday, so this day you can take your valentine to the beach and watch a nice romantic sunset. Take a bottle of wine with you and drink it while walking at the coast.
  8. If you are going to dinner, then, there are two options:
    a. If you are confident in your cooking skills, then prepare an expensive-looking dinner (but in reallity is not expensive since you prepared it). If it's at your home, clean up, make it smell nice, light some candles...
    b. If you don't know how to cook, then, start saving money to take your couple to a nice, sofisticated restaurant, the classic are italians or french, but nowadays, japaneses, indian restaurants are very high-class too
  9. After dinner, if you are planning a romantic fun at bed, decorating the room with some flower petals, a bottle of champagne or wine plus some chocolates or sweets is the classic best way. Hope you enjoy.

    ** For graphic more ideas of tip 7, 8 and 9, click here.
    All links contains tutorials, images, usefull webpages, etc.**
That's all that comes to my mind so I hope something of this helps you.