sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

Manga Reader Mood: ''I told you so!''

I'm reading Kimi ni Todoke's chapter 45 :3
I remember in an old entry I had ask the ''What do you think about Yano and Pin being together?'' question... guesss what!? More to come about this two!

 Well, now just go to Mangareader to read the rest!

Now about Sawako and Shouta they are going out, Shouta simply smiles and show his feelings and she is as shy and cute as always bla bla bla nothing new... my hopes of real emotion are in other love stories like:
Chizu and Ryu - Ryu told Chizu ''I love you'' but she didn't got it I think -.-''
Pin and Yano - my fav couple-to-be
Kurumi and Miura - both with uncorresponded loves.

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Kami dijo...

Definitivamente Yano y Pin tienen que quedar juntos ;D
Siempre es el que le dice algunas cosas para animarla.
Me gustan n_n