jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Fashionita Mood: Anna Sui Fall 2011 RTW

OK. I already know this is not a fashion blog, but I do love fashion and when I saw this runway I felt the urge of writing about it.

I like Anna Sui, I have to admit I heard from her just some months ago and saw some old runways from her, but indeed I liked a lot what I saw.

Well, lets get to bussiness.

The patterns were beautiful and hypnotizing. The fabrics were mostly light and silky. Colors were strong and catchy.
Originality was far from original.
Maybe it is this internet world that makes feel like I have already seen most of the pieces she showed.
I think I saw some Chanel in the black and white pieces, specially look #25.
In some patterns I saw McQueen in look #49. 
I had the Vivienne Westwood and Comme des Garcons feeling, like in look #48 & #50.
I also think some details are Jeremy Scott alike but I really think that is just my mind playing tricks to me, I've been to into him and his work lately.

Leaving that aside, I just loved all the green stuff in the catwalk! Also, I felt like going back to a girly girl days with the flower patterns and bright colors. 

I'll leave you the link to see the runway.

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