martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Manga Reader Mood: Roses, Blushes and...


Yes, I spent like 3 hours reading like 18 chapters of a manga: Barajou no Kiss. Kiss of the Rose Princess.
I had recommended it on a spanish post

Since all the mangas I'm reading right now haven't come to new chapters since last year -_- I ended up finishing this one, well, not finishing, just read all the chapters that have been published n_n''

This manga gives me strange feeling, in the sense of liking it or not liking it. I think I definetely like it but hmmm I don't know, maybe is not the best manga ever but it is very entertaining and very very shoujo: kisses, roses, cards, magic, flower petals filling the air, a cute-chibi-bat-like monster, and the most interesting the pentagon of love... four knight and one princess.

I like the fact that there are always new characters appearing, and the situation changes very fast (not to many fills in the story). Changes in the situation and in there characters' feelings.

I you have free time you must indeed read this manga, I LOL a lot btw. ;) And there are this adorable scenes that get your heart beating faster and going aww~, cute~, etc etc...
To convince you a little bit more, I'm leaving images :D

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rico dijo...

You love Japanese Manga so much! I also love it^^
If you like Yazawa work, I think you had better to read Gokinjo Monogatari which is one you have not read yet^^
What Yazawa work have you ever read?

Thank you for visiting my blog, I was soooo glad<3